The Orvis Angler’s Choice: The Colorado River

The Orvis Angler’s Choice Endangered River: The Colorado

We asked you to vote for your favorite “Angler’s Choice” river among American Rivers’ Ten Most Endangered Rivers in America. The votes are in, and the winner is The Colorado River. A lifeline in the desert, The Colorado’s water sustains tens of millions of people and endangered fish and wildlife in seven states. However, demand on the river’s water now exceeds its supply, leaving the river so over-tapped that it no longer flows to the sea.

The Colorado River
Photo: Pete McBride

Voters were automatically entered to win a Helios 2 Outfit of his or her choice, and we’re thrilled to announce the winner is Patricia S. of Louisville, MS. Patricia recently learned to fly fish while on vacation, and can’t wait to be able to fish in her own backyard. That, of course, is what this is all about – protecting and restoring all our nation’s rivers and streams so they can continue to be a source of fun and recreation as well as sustenance for generations to come.

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9 thoughts on “The Orvis Angler’s Choice: The Colorado River”

  1. The video was very inspiring, beautiful, and alarming! WE must do something about this crisis, because we know our Congress ill not!

  2. This is a very moving and eye-opening video. I did not realize that my favorite river was so stressed. Where can one find out more info for established programs that work to reverse these effects?

  3. Mankind should be very ashamed for its wastefulness And destruction of such a beautiful planet!!

  4. We visit your country each ear, and always head up to the Colorado, usually via the National Parks.

    We had no idea of the peril, so, it is up to you folks to sort it out. Please do so, as we , selfishly, still wish to visit and see this great river in all her glory.
    What a fabulous video, well done to all who made it.

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