Anglers Rally to Save East Coast Striper Stocks

Written by: Capt. Dave Pecci, Obsession Charters

East Coast striper stocks are in decline, and anglers want to do something about it.
Photo courtesy Scott McEnaney

[Editor’s note: Today is the final day to comment on the proposed addendum described below. Click here to see how you can make your voice heard.]

The numbers tell the story: the striped bass harvest from Maine to North Carolina has decreased by 7.9 million pounds since 2008, and the spawning stock has dropped by 20 million fish during the same period. Concerned anglers and conservationists have proposed and addendum to the striped bass management plan, which would reduce fishing mortality within one or three years.

Hearings have recently been conducted up and down the coast. Strong public sentiment was voiced to rebuild the striped bass stock in the shortest possible time. Despite this, commercial and charter boat fishing interests in the mid-Atlantic are lobbying the commissioner at Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC) to delay if not derail rebuilding striped bass stocks. This is a well-organized and funded effort.

On October 15, the Striped Bass Advisory Panel will meet in Alexandria, Virginia, to make their recommendation. On October 29, the Striped Bass Management Board will meet in Mystic, Connecticut to take action on the addendum.

New England fishing guides and anglers are planning to attend the Connecticut meeting to support the one-year option of reducing fishing mortality. Waiting an additional three to four years to reverse this freefall is unacceptable. Our fishery in Maine collapsed in 2008, and now the rest of the coast is experiencing the same. It’s time to Save Our Stripers, by enacting the one-year rebuilding framework.

You can show your support of the one-year rebuilding framework by attending the meeting in Mystic, by adding your name to the “Save Our Stripers” Facebook Group, or by emailing me.

Capt. Dave Pecci guides on the Kennebec River in Maine.

One thought on “Anglers Rally to Save East Coast Striper Stocks”

  1. Save the stripers is an understatement. Save the cod save the fluke save the black fish. It goes on and on. Until the stocks rebound we have to do what it takes. When they come back it should be hook and line only for everyone including commercial until there is an overstock condition. Save the lobster also. This is not to hard to understand but it is for the special people.

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