Green Up Day at Orvis

The first Friday of May brought Vermont’s annual Green Up Day, and folks here at Orvis took the afternoon off to walk the roadsides and clean up the trash left behind over the winter. It’s amazing what we find each year; from a plastic swan and bed springs, to propane tanks, air conditioners, hundreds of bottles and cans, and a dead bobcat and fisher cat. It’s dirty work, but we love cleaning up our part of the state. Afterward, (and after some hand sanitizer) we have a barbecue and a few beers. It’s a great way to welcome in spring!

Brett Ference (l) and Tom Rosenbauer (r)
photo by Tim Bronson
Roadside Trash
The trash that’s found after a long winter…
photo by Tim Bronson
Hub Cap
Jackie McLamb shows off her find
photo by Tim Bronson
Air Conditioner
It’s not just bottles and cans out there
photo by Tim Bronson
Burgers and Dogs Afterward
Greening up builds up an appetite
photo by Tim Bronson
A Toast to Greening Up
A toast to greening up
>photo by Tim Bronson

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