Chile’s Largest River Threatened by Dam

James Ferguson of Sweetwater Fishing Expeditions sent along this urgent message from the National Resources Defense Council about the Rio Baker in Chile being threatened by a proposed dam.


rio baker valley
The Rio Baker Valley will be flooded if the dam is approved

Patagonia is Chile’s natural treasure and an area of global ecological importance. As one of the world’s last pristine wildlands, Patagonia — along with its snow-topped mountains, dense forests and untouched watersheds — is deserving of the highest protection. HidroAysén’s far-reaching proposal to construct five dams on the pristine Baker and Pascua Rivers, as well as a 1,200 mile-long transmission line, would destroy the region’s extraordinary wilderness and open the door for other development and industrialization. This would threaten not only the area’s wildlife but also the tourism, livestock and fishery sectors on which local communities depend.

The Rio Baker is the largest river in Chile

To learn more and take action if you’re inclined, go to the NRDC site now.

rio baker rainbow
A nice Rio Baker rainbow

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