Make Your Voice Heard Today: No Pebble Mine

Bristol Bay is home to the world’s last great wild salmon run.
All photos by Pat Clayton

Today, the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology is meeting to discuss the future of Pebble Mine. The catalyst for the hearing is this report, which was paid for by the Pebble Partnership, the group behind the proposed mine. The Committee is pretty notorious for beating up the EPA at any chance it gets, and this report is giving them a great reason to do so.

That’s why we should reach out to committee members and tell them that Pebble Mine is not welcome in Bristol Bay. We need to continue to protect the vital watersheds that host the world’s largest wild-salmon population, as well as the entire ecosystem built around the salmon runs.

Click here to take action and sign the petition.

Click here for the Orvis “Stop Pebble Mine” page.

The proposed site for Pebble Mine is a near the headwaters of important salmon habitat.

12 thoughts on “Make Your Voice Heard Today: No Pebble Mine”

    1. Destroying the earth for a temporary fix,
      is akin to committing suicide,
      which is a permanent solution
      to a transit problem .

      Use forsite instead of dynamite.

      CHAPLAIN Ron F Hartley

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