Montanans Urged to Vote YES on I-186

A ballot initative in Montana seeks to ensure that all future mines make plans to clean up their own messes. In the video above, Orvis vice chairman Dave Perkins–who lives in Wolf Creek, Montana–explains why a YES vote is important for anyone who values clean water.

Montana already has more than 200 abandoned mines that are discharging contaminants and polluting waterways. This has led to almost 2,500 miles of contaminated streams. You know who pays for fixing these problems? Taxpayers do.

I-186 is not an anti-mining bill. It is about making mining companies accountable to taxpayers and protecting vital resources like clean water for future generations. This initiative, which only applies to new mines, would not cost a single job. Companies are already mining without leaving a legacy of destruction in Big Sky Country.

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3 thoughts on “Montanans Urged to Vote YES on I-186”

  1. Sure hope you think it was worth it. You lost a lifelong customer of your products playing politics. Sure I’m not the only one. All of your equipment comes from mining, mostly China these days. 2018 had been a strange year. A lot of good brands virtue signaling, also known as shooting yourself in the foot. I didn’t like seeing your production move to Asia but you did still make quality gear and backed it up with a good warranty. After you played politics, I can no longer support a hypocritical company that makes knee jerk political decisions based on the lies of other. Montana is very clean and will remain that way. We will continue to mine for the products that you sell. The laws are in place already to protect our land. It was a fun ride Orvis. I am selling all my Orvis labeled gear on Ebay and will never suggest or purchase your equipment again. Hope you learn a lesson this quarter.

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