Orvis Announces 2015 Customer Matching Grants

Orvis-TU 1,000 Miles Campaign
Photo by Trout Unlimited

This week, the Orvis Company announced the four recipients of its annual Customer Matching Grant program. Targeted to raise $360,000 or more, these grants are the cornerstone of Orvis’s annual commitment of 5% of its pre-tax profits to protecting nature. In total, Orvis will raise and contribute more than $1 million to conservation initiatives in 2015.

Orvis has awarded cash grants—to match its customers’ contributions up to equal amounts—to the following organizations:

Trout Unlimited, for its multi-year collaboration with Orvis on the 1,000 Miles Campaign, to reconnect 1,000 miles of stream passage in watersheds throughout the United States. This project will open up waterways through the repair and/or removal of culverts and other obstructions. With an Orvis matching grant up to $90,000, the campaign plans to raise $180,000 or more.

“Thanks to the excellent work in restoring habitat and new pools of opportunity, the brook trout population is burgeoning. After only one year of restoration work the improvement in fishing is remarkable” – Frank Mills, Vermont

The Petfinder Foundation
Photo by Les Jorgensen

Petfinder Foundation, for its programs benefitting shelters and providing homes for rescued dogs across America. This program, whose goal is to ensure that no adoptable pet is euthanized for lack of a home, is so popular with Orvis customers that it more than tripled its goal in 2014. Orvis will match customers’ contributions to Petfinder up to $30,000.

“He was lanky and far too thin. He did not bark, or wag his tail, or even stand up in his crate when we entered the shelter. He rested his chin on his front paws, and watched us closely, but without hope or enthusiasm. We signed the adoption papers within twenty minutes”. – Jett Brooks, Orvis Copywriter

Chesapeake Bay Foundation
Photo by Mike Cromwell

Chesapeake Bay Foundation to benefit its Oyster Restoration Program, which works to restore native oyster reefs in Maryland and Virginia to improve water quality and fish habitat in Chesapeake Bay. Orvis’ $30,000 matching grant aims to raise a total of $60,000 for this program.

“Oysters serve as one of the Bay’s most important natural filtering mechanisms. We will never restore the Bay without a restored oyster population. From a habitat standpoint they are the mid-Atlantic coral reefs.” – Tommy Leggett, VA Oyster Restoration & Fisheries Scientist, Chesapeake Bay Foundation

Rare: Fish Forever
Photo by Rare

Rare, for its Fish Forever partnership in Belize, empowering local communities to sustainably manage their fisheries, thereby increasing food security, conserving important marine habitats and species, safeguarding local jobs and creating coastal climate resilience. The New York Times called the Rare method, “one of the most critical, and underappreciated, social technologies to protect ecosystems and biodiversity.” The $30,000 grant from Orvis will match customer contributions for a goal of $60,000.

“Really, conservation is how you work with people. We know how tough it is to change a single perspective. But imagine changing an entire country. That is Rare.”- Pablo Granados, Rare Marine Program Director, Latin America

“Our customers love and respect the natural world, just like we do. And our belief is that lots of people want to help, but there are so many ways to get involved that it can be difficult to make a decision,” says CEO Perk Perkins in a recent article in World Wildlife Magazine. “That’s why we contribute 5% of pre-tax profits to protect nature. With our matching grants, we invite customers to participate with their own donations, and we match their contributions dollar for dollar.”

For more information on these and other Orvis-sponsored programs, visit the Orvis Protecting Nature pages.

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