Chesapeake Bay Foundation: Oyster Migration: Fact or Fiction?

Where is Oyster Shelly off to?!
Photo by CBF

The following article, written by CBF Senior Naturalist John Page Williams, was first posted on the CBF website on April 1, 2015:

Oyster Shelly is on the move! After vacationing in the Caribbean Sea for the winter, she, along with the osprey, have come back home to the Chesapeake. We’ve been tracking Oysters Shelly, Rocky, and Pearl throughout their migration. Check it out . . .

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Orvis/TU 1,000 Miles: Nason Brook, Woodlawn Cemetery Culvert

Woodlawn Cemetery culvert, pre-Irene
Photo by Greg Russ

Suppose you had a faulty culvert that was all set to be retrofitted to improve fish passage, and suppose a particularly tempestuous storm called Irene came to call! Courtesy of our friends at Trout Unlimited, here’s the story of what happened to the Woodlawn Cemetery culvert on Nason Brook in Rochester, VT under just those circumstances….

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Chesapeake Bay Foundation: Reef Ball Fact Sheet

A curious sea bass checks out one of CBF’s reef balls
Photo by CBF

For the second year in a row, an Orvis Customer Matching Grant has been awarded to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s Oyster Restoration program. Oysters are one on Mother Nature’s most efficient water filters, and through the increase of their numbers and health, the health of the Bay is being reclaimed….

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Orvis Announces 2015 Customer Matching Grants

Orvis-TU 1,000 Miles Campaign
Photo by Trout Unlimited

This week, the Orvis Company announced the four recipients of its annual Customer Matching Grant program. Targeted to raise $360,000 or more, these grants are the cornerstone of. . .

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Orvis/TU 1,000 Miles: George Creek

George Creek culvert prior to replacement. Note width of outflow pool and overflow pipe, above right.
Photo by NNWC

George Creek Culvert Project – Nestucca River, Oregon

The Nestucca River on Oregon’s North Coast is a major producer of wild salmon (chinook, coho, chum) and trout (winter steelhead and coastal cutthroat). George Creek is a critical spawning and rearing tributary to the lower Nestucca used by all of these species.

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Orvis/TU 1,000 Miles: Otter Creek Rehab

Otter Creek
Photo by Trout Unlimited

Otter Creek Culvert Replacement, Bear River watershed (Utah)

Otter Creek is a located within the Bear River watershed in northeastern Utah among rolling sage brush hillsides. It’s a wide-open and remote watershed…

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Rare: A Recipe for Seafood Survival

Fresh catch on ice
Photo by Associated Press

The following is a piece that recently appeared in the Huffington Post, authored by PBS “Saving the Ocean” host Carl Safina and Rare CEO Brett Jenks:

You know that hunger and the oceans are on a collision course when your 89-year-old mother phones you — as Safina’s mom did this morning — and says, “Did you see the article saying that we’re driving seafood extinct? We’d better go get some oysters and some blackfish before they’re all gone!” The irony wasn’t entirely lost on her…

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