Campaign to Stop the Pebble Mine Tops Orvis Customer Matching Grants for 2013

The proposed mine would try to contain 10 billion tons of waste above this majestic
watery landscape.
Photo by Jim Klug

A national campaign to stop the controversial Pebble Mine in Alaska’s Bristol Bay region is the top conservation priority for The Orvis Company, Inc., said CEO Perk Perkins and Vice Chairman David Perkins as they announced the company’s 2013 Customer Matching Grants for Conservation.

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Orvis Announces Four Recipients of 2013 Customer Matching Grants for Conservation

Protecting the fish and wildlife habitat of Bristol Bay will be a top priority.
Photo by Jim Klug

Today, Orvis announced four recipients of its annual Orvis Customer Matching Grants. This year’s grants are targeted to raise $430,000 or more for these projects, part of the company’s more than $1 million commitment to conservation and related causes this year.Orvis has awarded cash grants—used as matching funds to raise customer contributions up to equal amounts—to the following organizations…

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Update from the Headwaters of the Blackfoot River Watershed Project

New Diamond Creek Diversion

The new headgate at Diamond Creek is more efficient and will keep sediment from entering the creek.

photo courtesy Trout Unlimited

[Editor’s Note: In 2011, Orvis offered financial support for an important project, run by the Trout Unlimited Home Rivers Initiative, to help restore habitat in the mountains of Idaho. Here’s a wrap-up of the work from project manager Matt Woodard.]

This recent project is geared toward restoring fish passage and eliminating entrainment (washing of sediment into the water) in the outgoing diversion ditches on both Diamond and Lanes Creeks, which come together to form the. . .

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Video: “The Last Cast–Sportsmen Fight to Save Bristol Bay”

Here’s the latest video from Trout Unlimited about the fight to save Bristol Bay from the proposed Pebble Mine. The description under the YouTube video says it all:

This beautiful video will sweep you into the incredible landscape of Bristol Bay, Alaska and give you a taste of why anglers “are spoiled forever” after fishing in Bristol Bay’s productive waters. “It’s the place people dream to fish.” And, it explains why sportsmen are fighting so hard to protect this last vestige of wild in the United States from an open-pit mine of “unimaginable size” called Pebble. As they say, it’s go time.

As you know, Orvis has been part of this fight since the beginning, and we continue to. . .

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Update on the Orvis-TU “1,000 Miles” Program

Orvis-TU 1000 Miles Campaign

The North Fork of the Crooked River is a beautiful high-elevation stream
that will benefit from reconnection of trout habitat.

photo courtesy of Trout Unlimited

Up high in the Ochoco Mountains of Central Oregon are the headwaters of the Crooked River, the desert streams of Deep Creek and Crazy Creek, and a feisty and beautiful population of Columbia Basin redband trout. With a name like Crazy Creek, you might wonder why Orvis and Trout Unlimited (TU) are working to restore a small desert stream. Historically, the Deep Creek drainage was full of old-growth forests, lush meadows, and spring-fed streams full of trout. Unfortunately, after more than 100 years of grazing, logging, and road building, Deep Creek and the upper Crooked River have been used and abused, and the trout are left struggling to survive. TU has partnered with Ochoco National Forest to help restore priority reaches within Deep Creek and build awareness of the importance of. . .

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Photo Essay: DamNation, or Why More Dams Must Go

damnation photos

Prevented from migrating upstream, a spawning pair of pink salmon flirt over a gravel
bed near the now-removed Elwha Dam powerhouse.

photo by Matt Stoecker

Back in July, we posted the trailer for an upcoming film DamNation, from
Felt Soul Media
. According to the description on the film’s website, . . .

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