Rare: Making Strides with Fish Forever to Protect Belize’s Unique Fisheries

Belizean Fishers discuss the Managed Access program
Photo by Rare/John Chase

A recipient of an Orvis Customer Matching Grant, Rare is working to create sustainable fishing practices in Belize in an innovative way. Here is a story, courtesy of Rare’s John Chase, of how they are building a sense of community and cooperation to last for generations:

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American Rivers: MER Anglers’ Choice Award

Anglers’ Choice Winner John Muir on the Colorado
Photo by John Muir

For several years Orvis has sponsored the American Rivers Most Endangered Rivers Report, highlighting ten rivers whose fate hangs in the balance. This vitally important study seeks to draw the public’s attention to issues where they can still make a difference before it’s too late.

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Salmon & Trout Victory: Major Breakthrough on Phosphate

The UK’s lovely River Itchen
Photo by Salmon & Trout Association

We were delighted to learn from our friends and colleagues in the UK that, thanks in no small part to the work of the Salmon & Trout Association (S&TA) and Hampshire and the Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust (HIWWT), for the first time ever, the UK’s Environment Agency (EA) has decided to limit phosphate discharges into the legendary River Itchen. This is an important step…

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1,000 Miles: Moose Run Post-Irene

A severely perched culvert
Photo by Colin Lawson

Prior to Tropical Storm Irene (TSI), the Moose Run road stream crossing on Nason Brook was a 35-foot long, 4-foot corrugated metal pipe located 2.35 miles upstream from the mainstem of the White River in Rochester, Vermont. The culvert washed out completely due to severe flooding…

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Chesapeake Bay Infographic: What’s the Deal with Oysters?

Chesapeake Bay Foundation is a recipient of a 2014 Orvis Customer Matching Grant. Their recent blog features some interesting facts on why oysters are such a vital part of the Bay ecosystem. To learn more about this program (or if you’d like Orvis to match your donation, dollar for dollar), visit CBF.

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The 2014 Orvis Angler’s Choice Award to Benefit American Rivers’ Most Endangered Rivers

The Colorado River was last year’s #1 Most Endangered River and the Orvis Angler’s Choice
Photo via American Rivers, ©Pete McBride

Our friends at American Rivers have released their annual list of The Ten Most Endangered Rivers in America.

At Orvis, we know the importance of protecting and restoring our nation’s rivers and streams, which is why we were proud to sponsor this report for the fifth consecutive year. In order to celebrate these rivers and spread awareness of their endangered status, we’re asking you to vote for your favorite among the ten.

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Photos: Reconnecting Fish Creek, Part of the Orvis/TU 1,000 Miles Project

Written by: Paul Burnett, TU Weber River Restoration Project Manager

The Fish Creek culvert before complete failure in 2010.

Sometimes, we are left with a mess. I was recently talking to Charles, one of the landowners involved in our Fish Creek Reconnection project in Utah’s Weber River Basin. He was telling me about how. . .

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Pebble Mine Update: Mining Company Rio Tinto leaves Pebble Project

In December, we updated readers on the status of the Pebble Mine project. Since then, we got news that the EPA announced it is invoking its authority under the Clean Water Act to determine whether it should permanently bar the development of Pebble Mine.

Today, a new development: major stakeholder Rio Tinto has announced it is ending its involvement. We are just getting word of this, and will have more information on what this means for the future of the project as the story unfolds, but wanted to announce it here right away.

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Of Trout and Tetons

Written by: Emily Nichols

A pair of gorgeous cutthroats.
Photo by Jay Fleming Photography

The Henry’s Fork, the Teton and the South Fork of the Snake call anglers from coast to coast; the pristine rivers teeming with trout represent a mecca to accomplished fly fisherman. With the help of Orvis, the Teton Regional Land Trust continues to make a difference for these iconic fisheries.

Many who fish these waters are unaware of the protection that has kept them free from housing developments and expansions. Decades of conservation work by the Teton Regional Land Trust and partners has been accomplished along the South Fork of the Snake, Teton and Henry’s fork rivers keeping their waters pure, protecting habitat for wildlife and helping farmers and ranchers continue to cultivate the ground…

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EPA Announces That It Will Consider Blocking Pebble Mine

Today’s announcement is another victory in the battle to stop Pebble Mine, but the war isn’t over.
Photo by Pat Clayton

Two days ago, we asked you to send an email to the Environmental Protection Agency, asking that the agency use its authority to protect Bristol Bay from the dangers proposed by Pebble Mine. Today, the EPA announced today that it is invoking its authority under the Clean Water Act to determine whether it should. . .

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