Report from May 31 EPA Bristol Bay Watershed Assessment Public Hearing

EPA Hearing LM

About half the crowd that attended last night’s important EPA hearing in Seattle.

photo by Leland Miyawaki

Last night, approximately 300 people gathered at the Jackson Federal Building in Seattle for a meeting hosted by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to present information and hear thoughts about the draft Bristol Bay Watershed Assessment that EPA has released for public review and comment. This meeting was one of a series of public meetings to be held during the public comment period and the only. . .

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URGENT: EPA Hearing on Pebble Mine Thursday in Seattle!

EPA Hearing

Last week, the EPA announced that it will hold a public hearing this Thursday in Seattle on its recent Bristol Bay watershed assessment. This will be the ONLY hearing in the Lower 48, so it’s your best shot to be heard on the issues facing the conservation of this fragile ecosystem.

A strong showing from anglers and conservationists will. . .

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Protecting the Wild Bonefish of Hawaii

Market Bonefish

Imagine what a bonefish is worth to the sport-fishing and tourist industries, and then check out the price in the market: a paltry $2.99 per pound.

photo courtesy Terry Duffield

Aloha Orvis Nation,

As many of you know, we have monster bonefish here in Hawaii. I’ve worked for years to get respectability bestowed by us in the fly-fishing world, and thanks to great anglers like yourselves, we’ve made it! People are becoming more and more aware of our giant bonefish and our extensive flats that surround the eastern, southern, and northern sides of. . .

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EPA Study Sees Grave Danger to Salmon from Pebble Mine

A new report casts doubt on the “safe” operation of the proposed Pebble Mine.

photo via

Opponents of the proposed Pebble Mine in Bristol Bay, Alaska, now have more ammunition in the battle: a new draft study by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)has found that such a massive project would endanger the spawning grounds of. . .

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Video: Former AK Senate President Rick Halford Speaks Out Against Pebble Mine

The pro-Pebble Mine forces would have you believe that all “real” Alaskans are in favor of the project, and that the agitators are transplants, hippies, or from “outside.” This video shoots a big, fat hole in that argument. Rick Halford is about as Alaskan as they come: bush pilot, avid outdoorsman, and longtime Republican political leader. He retired from public life in 2003 as. . .

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Updates on the Elwha Dam-Removal Progress

An aerial view of the plume of sediment at the mouth of the Elwha shows just how much material had collected behind the two dams over a century.

photo via

Leland Miyawaki, fishing manager of Orvis Bellevue, sent me links to two great stories from The Seattle Times showing how things are going on the Elwha River as the removal of two large dams progresses. The above photo is kind of scary, showing how much. . .

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