Living Simply and Saving Sea Turtles

Keller-Mass Exodus

Olive Ridley sea turtles, raised in a nursery at Nicaragua’s Los Cardones Lodge, 
head for the ocean where they can live for as long as 80 years.

photo by Meg & Patrick Keller

My wife, Meg, and I decided to take a break from the Vermont cold and head south for Christmas. The plan was to meet my brother, his girlfriend and our soon-to-be friend Bill off the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua for some fishing and diving. Our good friend Brett mentioned that we should make an effort to spend a few days on the Pacific side, as well, at an eco-surf lodge called. . .

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Protect Nature: Take a Kid Fishing

All sportsmen and women understand their obligation to conservation—without the resource, we have nothing. Many great organizations operate around the globe working hard to serve the species, habitats and ecosystems that need our immediate attention. To do our part, we find a compelling effort, and if possible, give them our time, money, sweat, endorsement, or whatever we can afford. Flip through the Orvis catalog or browse the website and you’ll find a handful of environmental projects well worth backing.

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Big Oil Wins First “Big Haul” Battle

The attorney appointed by the Idaho Transportation Department to hear arguments against allowing “mega-load shipments” of oversize refinery equipment over highways through some scenic valleys along the Clearwater and Lochsa rivers has recommended that permits for four such shipments be issued to ConocoPhillips. Attorney Merlyn Clark said that he believes the loads can be transported safely and with “minimum inconvenience to the general public.” Opponents had argued. . .

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American Rivers Action Alert!

Our friends at American Rivers have sent out an urgent call to action, asking that conservation-minded voters call their Senators to tell them to vote YES on the America’s Great Outdoors Act. The act “would designate wilderness areas in three different states and add thousands of miles to the national trail system.”

Click “Read More” to see the entire alert and learn how you can help.

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Proving the Value of Marine Reserves

Here’s a great video about how a no-take marine reserve in Glover’s Reef Atoll, off the coast of Belize, offers evidence that such sanctuaries can help keep the surrounding reef and waters healthier.

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Sacramento River Basin Project Update

For one of our 2010 Conservation Efforts, Orvis teamed with American Rivers to help restore trout-spawning habitat in California’s Sacramento River Basin. Outdated flood and water-management systems have resulted in the loss of important meadow wetlands that purify and store water and the watershed. . .

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The Great Lakes Under Siege

ESPN’s “Outside the Lines” did an excellent segment on the threats posed by Asian carp to Great Lakes fisheries. Although only bass-and-walleye types are interviewed here, it’s clear that salmon, trout, and steelhead populations would be gravely affected if the voracious carp. . .

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