Rare: Managed Access on a Roll

Beautiful Dangriga in southern Belize
Photo by Rare

For the past two years Orvis and its wonderful customers have helped to fund Rare Conservation’s Fish Forever campaign in Belize. Preserving and protecting vitally important (and breathtakingly beautiful) sites like the one above through Managed Access not only helps to save our natural resources but also leads to economic stability. Everyone wins!

We are in the final stretch, and we need your help to make it across the finish line. Pride events, hosted by national mascot Langostin, below, are being held throughout the country. These celebrations are designed to educate and inspire Belizeans to support a new way of managing their fisheries to ensure their health and longevity.

Langostin and friends
Photo by Rare

Please consider making a donation to the Rare Conservation Fish Forever Belize project now, and Orvis will match your donation, dollar for dollar. Your $25 gift becomes $50, your $50 gift becomes $100, and so on. Helping to create sustainable fishing practices, insuring a stable livelihood for local fishers, nurturing pride throughout the coastal towns in Belize; how’s that for an investment?

A group of Belizean fishermen meet with their Fish Forever Managed Access Coordinator
Photo by Rare

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