The Next Indiana Jones…wearing Orvis!

Future Archaelogist Simon P. Sherman III looking good in the Yucatan
Photo by Simon P. Sherman, Jr.

Recently we received the above image of twenty-year-old Simon Paul Sherman III, working hard in the heart of the beautiful Yucatan Peninsula. The picture was sent in by his proud Dad, Simon P. Sherman, Jr., who reported: “An Archaeology/Anthropology student at Millsaps College, Simon is experiencing first-hand the aspects that make up an exploration.

In this picture, wearing one of his cool and comfortable ORVIS T-shirts, he’s charting the area layout of a particular site in order to carefully and respectfully organize the possible discovery of artifacts from ancient civilizations. This is one of the numerous assignments that he’ll undertake to effectively analyze and attempt to understand the actions of an advanced, once-thriving society.

“He’s fortunate to be here studying with these professors. Their knowledge and experiences provide such an enlightening educational opportunity to pursue his dream. From about 3 years old, when he was “mummifying” his stuffed animals with strips of cloth and paper towels, we felt he was born to do this. An early age to plan a career, but it all seems to have been in quest of his real world passion”.

Thanks to Mr. Sherman, Jr. for sending this great post, and kudos to Mr. Sherman III for following his dream, and for his great style sense!

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