Video: America’s Most Endangered Rivers 2016

Our friends at American Rivers recently announced their annual list of U.S. waterways that face serious threats in 2016. The report highlights ten rivers whose fate will be decided in the coming year, and it encourages decision-makers to do the right thing for the rivers and the communities they support. Orvis is a proud sponsor of the work American Rivers does to protect these vital resources.

Here’s the full list:

  1. Apalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint River Basin (Alabama, Florida, Georgia)
  2. San Joaquin River (California)
  3. Susquehanna River (Pennsylvania, Maryland)
  4. Smith River (Montana)
  5. Green-Duwamish River (Washington)
  6. Pee Dee River (North Carolina)
  7. Russell Fork River (Kentucky, Virginia)
  8. Merrimack River (Massachusetts, New Hampshire)
  9. St. Lawrence River (New York and Canada)
  10. Pascagoula River (Mississippi, Alabama)

Click here for more information on all rivers.

2 thoughts on “Video: America’s Most Endangered Rivers 2016”

  1. Our priorities in this country are all screwed up. We send billions of dollars overseas instead of using it for stewardship of our resources here. Thank you Orvis for your 5% pre-tax donation.

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