Video: The Alaska Nutrient Cycle

When we talk of stopping projects such as Pebble Mine, we often focus on the human-centric effects—such as lost sport-fishing opportunities, the collapse of a centuries-old way of life, etc.—but here’s a beautiful video that looks at the salmon’s place in the nutrient cycle of the ecosystem. There are no words at all here, just beautiful images that show how salmon support a vast web of life. It’s a powerful reminder that when we fight to save salmon, we are helping to save a whole lot more. (Hat tip: Midcurrent.)

Click here for the Orvis Pebble Mine Commitment page.

One thought on “Video: The Alaska Nutrient Cycle”

  1. for the mining company to process 10 billion tons of ore to get 3400 tons of gold, it wouldn’t be feasible. It seems as though your stating that the mining company has to mine 91 tons of ore to get 1 oz. of gold. That equates to a return of approx. $16.00 / ton of ore mined.
    that would be a poor investment.
    I think your numbers are off. !!

    thank you,

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