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Five Questions About Golden Retrievers, Answered

By: Orvis Staff

The golden retriever is a true family dog who loves the outdoors.
Photo by Dirk Vorderstraße, via Wikipedia, used by CC BY 2.0

The happy-go-lucky Golden Retriever is the star of the show—quite literally, in many cases—and anyone who has ever owned one can tell you why. They’re a friendly, highly coveted dog breed with a well-known reputation for being the perfect pet. You’ve seen them in movies, competing in agility, at the dog park, and in the show ring. This breed is everywhere, so what’s so special about them? Ask a Golden owner and they’ll likely tell you “everything.


American versus English Labradors

Written by: Paul Fersen

English-bloodline, American-bred Labrador retrievers make great pets and gun dogs.
Photo via facebook.com/wildrosekennels

Before I start on this interesting topic, let’s establish that I’m talking about field bred dogs here, not bench bred dogs. There’s a difference, but I’m not about to get into that thicket, so I’ll just stick . . .


The Secret to Calculating Dog Years to Human Years

Written by: Phil Monahan

The old “seven dog years for every human one year” calculation is clearly wrong.
Photo via dogster.com

You know how old your dog is in human years, but how do you translate this to “dog years”? The old saw that one of our years equals seven for the dog. But it turns out that this is overly simplistic and, frankly, not true. A fun article on dogster.com looks at. . .


The Incredible Dog Nose as a Scientific Tool

Written by: Phil Monahan

Dogs exhale through the side slits of their nostrils so exhaling air doesn’t dilute the scent of incoming air.
Photo via npr.com

A fascinating story on npr.com today focuses on how scientists are using dogs to help in field work. Specifically, the story features a Groenendael (Beligian sheepdog) named Sharpy, who is being trained to sniff out the nests of. . .