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The Dangers of “Distracted Dogging” in the Car

Written by: Phil Monahan

Driving with a dog on your lap may feel good, but it’s quite dangerous.
Photo by Phil Monahan

A recent story in the Huffington Post discusses the common practice of dog owners driving with their best friend on their lap. With a small dog, it seems safe enough, but the the stories of . . .


What to Do if Your Dog Swallowed a Fish Hook

By: Sondra Wolfer

Fishing with dogs can be a blast, but it comes with certain risks.
Photo by Dylan Tucker, Tucker Fly Fishing

Most veterinarians near bodies of water have treated their share of dogs who’ve swallowed fish hooks whole, or who have fish hooks imbedded in their skin. It only takes an instant. Your dog . . .


Three Good Reasons to Restrain Your Dog in the Car

By: Deb German

You’ll feel safer and more confident on the road knowing that your best friend is buckled in.
Photo via orvis.com

The holiday travel season is upon us: millions of Americans will soon head to destinations near and far for family celebrations, and for many the family includes the dog. Do you routinely . . .


Dogs in a Hot Car – Be Careful!

By: Tracie Hotchner

If you can’t leave the windows down, don’t leave your dog in the car.

It should be common knowledge by now that you should never leave your dog in the car on a hot day, especially given all the widespread publicity about the tragic consequences that occur when people have made this mistake. Don’t even leave your dog in the car on a warm day. Heat can build…