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Podcast: Picking and Training a Dog, with Reid Bryant

Written by: Phil Monahan

Reid Bryant and Collins take a break below a good piece of cover.
Photos by Phil Monahan

Reid takes to the podcast booth to answer some dog questions recently posed by listeners. He discusses terminology, picking a breed, and how to select a methodology for training that . . .


How to Leash Train Your Dog

By: Sondra Wolfer

“Let’s Go For A Walk!” is the most frequent refrain of dog ownership. The jingle of collar and leash make the music, while wagging tails and prancing paws dance by the door. But if you’ve got a new puppy who hasn’t learned walking manners yet or an adult dog who never learned them, daily walks can be a bit of a drag. Your dog may constantly pull, or bound ahead, yanking you as he goes. Or, alternatively, he may lollygag, making a walk to the corner feel as though it takes a century.


Dog Tips: How to Stop Puppies from Biting

By: Jill Jones

Puppies look so cute . . . until they sink those sharp teeth into you.
Photo by Alisa, Rancho Palos Verdes

There’s an old expression, “It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye,” that’s apt for playing with puppies. Puppies love to use their teeth—for everything—but particularly during play, which . . .


How to Choose a Pet Sitter When Your Dog Can’t Go

By: Amber Roberts

Finding a safe, well-maintained place to leave your dog can mean peace of mind while you’re away.
Photo by Matt Iovanni

Though some dogs are accustomed to traveling by car or plane, staying in hotels, and exploring new areas, a vacation or business trip may not be ideal for every dog. Even if your dog is an . . .


Pro Tips: How to Talk to Your Dog, Part III—Avoiding Common Problems

Written by: Phil Monahan

Major wants to understand, and you can help him.
Photo by Kate, Newton

Dogs certainly don’t speak our language, but they can understand a lot if we take the time to talk to them. But it’s important that we don’t assume that they can understand words the way . . .