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What to Do if Your Dog Swallowed a Fish Hook

By: Sondra Wolfer

Fishing with dogs can be a blast, but it comes with certain risks.
Photo by Dylan Tucker, Tucker Fly Fishing

Most veterinarians near bodies of water have treated their share of dogs who’ve swallowed fish hooks whole, or who have fish hooks imbedded in their skin. It only takes an instant. Your dog . . .


CPR, First Aid, and Life Jackets for Dogs

By: Jill Jones

Some of the best things about dogs is they are fun, devoted, loyal, and relatively care-free companions. But what happens when things go wrong and they get hurt? Do you know what to do in the absence of ready access to a veterinarian? If your answer is no, don’t feel bad—you’re certainly not alone. But you’ve heard the conventional wisdom, “an ounce of prevention is worth an ounce of cure.” In this case, it means having a dog-specific first-aid kit on hand and learning how to use it. It also means taking measures to keep your dog safe when he is in potentially dangerous situations, such as equipping him with a life jacket when he’s out on the water with you. For further peace of mind, you may want to learn how to perform CPR on your dog, in case of the unthinkable.


How to Board a Dog

By: Sarah Hall Weaver

Photo by Kathryn, Cambridge

While your pooch may be an experienced jet setter, traveling with dogs in tow is not always an option. Many pet owners must resort to boarding dogs due to restrictive vacation destinations, work-related travel, family emergencies, or major home renovations—occasions when it’s simply in the dog’s best interest to board elsewhere temporarily.


Small Dog Versus Big Dog – What Size Is Best for You?

By: Jill Jones

Large dogs and small dogs can both be wonderful pets, but there are differences.
Photo by Kerry, Quantico

So you’ve taken the plunge and decided to adopt a dog: congratulations! Now all you have to do is figure out what kind of dog to get. If you are new to the world of dogs, the choices may seem . . .