Top 10 Healthy Holiday Food Treats for Dogs

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Make sure your pet avoids unhealthy eating during this holiday season of gluttony.

photo by Maria, Gastonia

The period between Thanksgiving and Christmas is the peak season of eating, as a string of parties, celebrations, and treats threatens the waistlines of many Americans. With all these goodies lying around, you have to be careful that your dog doesn’t get in on the gluttony. But that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t get in on the festivities at all. A D Shojai, a certified animal behavior consultant and the author of 23 pet care books, offers a great list of 10 human holiday foods that dogs will love and that won’t cause them harm or lead to unwanted weight gain.

We love to indulge ourselves-and them-and are careful to avoid poisoning pets with high-risk foods like chocolate, macadamia nuts, avocados, or raisons/grapes. Artificial sweeteners keep owners lean, but any goodies sweetened with Xylitol could cause canine liver failure.

So when the aroma of baking and roasting turns on the doggy drool, what human foods are safe for dogs to snack on? Actually, dogs have been eating the same foods people do for centuries and not only live to tell about it, they thrive. And holistic vets often recommend some of these foods for a more natural way to treat your doggy best friend.

To see the whole list—which includes things such as beets, green veggies, and ginger—click here.

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