109 Rescued Dogs Need Temporary Homes

If you know dog-lovers in the Kokomo, Indiana area, there are a lot of rescued dogs that now need homes out there.

The Kokomo Humane Society is looking for temporary homes for 109 small dogs taken from Kokomo couple Don and Brenda Lambert. Some of the dogs have already been placed in foster care, including eight dogs that were in obvious pain and taken to an animal clinic.

The dogs that need homes are at the Kokomo Humane Society, 713 N. Elizabeth St. Officials say all dogs taken from the home survived, though it’s possible some will have to be euthanized. “We have state Board of Animal Health vets coming in to assess each dog, to determine which is healthy,” Kokomo Humane Society director Jean McGroarty said. “Our list to be euthanized is pretty short … we have no desire to euthanize any animal which doesn’t need to be euthanized.”

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