Photos: 11-Year-Old Boy Stops Traffic to Save Dog

Jean Fernandes risked his own safety to pull the injured dog from the road.
Photo via

I saw this sequence of photos a couple days ago, but only just now found the story behind them. An 11-year-old boy named Jean Fernandes revealed exceptional bravery when he rescued a dog hit by a car in his native city of Itajaí, Brazil. The driver who had hit the dog, simply drove away, leaving the poor pup in mortal danger. Sacrificing his own safety, Jean ran between cars and picked up the dog, who was taken to a vet and is recovering nicely.

What an amazing young hero. According to his mother, Jean is a big animal lover who is constantly rescuing abandoned or abused animals. He should serve as an example to people everywhere.

Click here for the full story, a video report, and more photos.

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