Our 15 Favorite Outdoor Dog Names (Plus 12 More!)

Baxter belongs to the family of Orvis Social Media Manager Tucker Kimball.
Photo by Tucker Kimball

If you love outdoor activities, chances are your dog loves them, too. And few things complement a wild, outdoor dog like a strong, outdoor themed dog name. From Aspen to Zephyr, there are countless names for dogs inspired by the outdoors. Countless, of course, until you sit down to decide which name best captures your new pup’s spirit and the adventures that await.

To lend a hand to those of you who love to pull names from the environments and sports that fill our lives, we collected names from colleagues, family, friends, and anyone willing to share their favorite outdoor-inspired dog names. Included are mountains and rivers, conservationists and climbers, anglers and fly tiers, trappers and travelers, and even a hat maker. Whether you’re calling your dog across a mountain meadow or getting their name embroidered on their hunting collar, these are our favorite unique outdoorsy dog names, in no particular order.

Did we miss a name? Let us know in the comments below.

Female Outdoor Dog Names

1. Hillary

In 1953 Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay were the first people to set foot atop Mt. Everest.

2. Madison

A name that avoids the arrogance of being too unique, yet still pays tribute to one of North America’s greatest trout fisheries.

3. Aurora

A majestic light show for a majestic canine.

4. Nellie (Bly)

In 1889 Nelly Bly set the record for the fastest trip around the world, circumnavigating the globe in only 72 days.

5. Anna (purna)

Annapurna is not a single peak, but a massif including Annapurna I Main, the tenth highest mountain in the world at 26,545 feet, and thirteen peaks over 23,000 feet. In 1950 Annapurna I Main became the first of the “eight-thousanders” to be climbed, when Maurice Herzog and his team summitted. It’s also considered the most dangerous of the eight-thousanders, with only 191 ascents completed as of 2012.

6. Rosie (Roosevelt)

America’s conservationist president, Theodore Roosevelt, signed into law the creation of the National Parks and the Antiquities Act, which created the National Monuments, protecting more than 230,000,000 acres during his presidency. And before he entered his political career, he was a cowboy in North Dakota! We approve of any name variation to pay homage to this great conservationist (see the more direct name suggestion, Teddy, below).

7. Katie

Yes, she was a singer and actress, but Katie Lee was probably best known as an environmental activist and whitewater rafter who explored Glen Canyon in the days before it was flooded by the Glen Canyon Dam.

8. Mardy

Raised in Alaska, Margaret “Mardy” Murie helped in the passage of the Wilderness Act in 1964 and was instrumental in the creation of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. She’s known to conservationists everywhere as the “Grandmother of the Conservation Movement.”

9. Rosalie

Rosalie Edge campaigned for women’s suffrage before she became a devout conservationist in the second half of her life, when she led the fight to protect birds of prey. A 1948 article in the New Yorker called her “the most honest, unselfish, indomitable hellcat in the history of conservation.” Save this name for a pup with personality!

10. Fanny

Before modern climbing equipment, Fanny Bullock Workman explored Himalayan glaciers and peaks, setting the women’s altitude record multiple times. She left a climbing legacy through her accomplishments, books, and maps.

Male Outdoor Dog Names

1. Baxter

The high point of Maine’s highest mountain (Katahdin), Baxter Peak is the northern terminus of the Appalachian Trail.

2. Muir

OK, for a one-syllable name it doesn’t easily roll off the tongue, but perhaps it’s balanced by reverence for America’s greatest conservationist.

3. Stetson

Not only the iconic hat of the American West but this name also evokes imagery of rugged terrain and big landscapes.

4. Ansel

Few names inspire more reverence for the outdoors than landscape photographer Ansel Adams.

5. Bridger

Jim Bridger was one of the most famous mountain men to explore the Rocky Mountains. Save this honorable name for only the most adventurous canines.

6. Lefty

The undisputed father of modern American fly fishing, Lefty Kreh is responsible for generations of newcomers to the sport. The name works on multiple levels if you also have a dog named Pancho. Get started with Lefty Kreh here.

7. Cap or Cappy

How many other rock faces have an Oscar? El Capitan has always been a jaw-dropping monolith framing the Yosemite Valley, and has been the pinnacle of American rock climbing for the past 60 years, but in 2018 it entered the mainstream in the movie Free Solo.

8. Teddy (Roosevelt)

Yes, you can pay homage to one of America’s greatest conservationists and outdoorsmen with both male and female (Rosie, above) names.

9. Waldo

Ralph Waldo Emmerson led the transcendentalist movement of the mid-19th Century, which emphasized the inherent goodness in nature.

10. Aldo

While Muir gets all of the Instagram quotes, Aldo Leopold’s Sand County Almanac became the cornerstone of America’s biodiversity and ecology policies.

Unisex Outdoor Dog Names

1. Denali

Spend some time in a mountain town and you’re bound to meet a dog named for North America’s highest peak.

2. Aspen

I’m talking about a place where the beer flows like wine.

3. River

Is there a better, more natural name out there? We don’t think so.

4. Fitz (Roy)

First ascended in 1952 by alpinists Lionel Terray and Guido Magnone, this iconic peak in Patagonia has become a proving ground for climbers around the world.

5. Purdey

Field & Stream claims the Purdey Side-by-Side Game Gun “epitomizes the British game gun, which represents the Platonic ideal of a shotgun.” If you don’t have the $100,000 for a Purdey, you can at least pay tribute by naming your hunting dog after the finest upland shotgun ever made.

6. Bear

Some dogs live up to this name, while for others, their size makes it ironic. Still, “Bear” is a classic that shows no signs of disappearing.

7. Wulff

True royalty of American fly fishing, Lee and Joan Wulff have taught thousands to fly fish, authored books (The Dynamics of Fly Casting by Joan Wulff) and instructional videos, and designed some of the most legendary flies in your fly box. It’s also a fun play on words, as most people will assume it’s spelled as the more popular canine homonym.

Dog names, especially outdoorsy dog names, are subjective. So, whatever their name, we think you’ve chosen wisely. Whether you go with a dog name inspired by the outdoors, or you go with a more popular dog name, we hope you have fun naming your new pup. And to make sure your dog friend’s name is known to everyone, especially if they get lost, consider giving them a personalized collar with their cool, outdoorsy name embroidered into it, along with your phone number.

Did your dog’s name make the list? Do you have a favorite outdoorsy dog name that you think should be included? Let us know in the comments.

175 thoughts on “Our 15 Favorite Outdoor Dog Names (Plus 12 More!)”

    1. Dublin….because I love and have loved Ireland since I was a child. Dublin is the heart of Ireland, a beautiful lush, green country. More nature in Ireland that any country on earth. Dublin encapsulates that experience!

    2. Two “girls” with Orvis collars: Ginger & Bella. Have to say that of your list of “favorites” I recognized about three. The rest seemed rather remote.

    3. Named my GS Spartacus. In short he has become “Sport” which covers my love of Sports. He’s also simply known as “Buddy”. Best friends can have names that evolve.

    1. Great name as we have a mix female 11 1/2 yrs. Doberman, shepherd and chow. She has been a wonderful dog. Got her name from another customer when we went for ice cream. We hadn’t even got her til the next day.

  1. Okay, so they’re Chihuahua’s but love the outdoors. And it’s too bad Orvis doesn’t offer a collar size small enough for them, as I would buy them. Their names are Charlotte, who is 3, and Carrie, her mother, age unknown, as they were strays picked up in Dallas, fostered and adopted by me when Charlotte was only 10 days old!

  2. Having volunteered at an animal rescue shelter, I can say your names are not in the top ten and certainly not the most common. Not one dog name on your mail list has been seen here in the last 3 years. Only one name on the female list has been here.

  3. Since our white lab looked like a baby polar when we bought her at 8 weeks, we named her Osa, which means bear. We didn’t want to just call her bear as she is not a bear, so we just switched the language…ha!

  4. We named our male Australian Shepherd Sky, partly because one of his eyes is sky blue.

    We have some friends who named their Golden Retriever Gibson, after the martini.

    1. I love reading doggie names!!! Everyone who posted is a proud and loving parent!! We chose a botanical name by giving our girls very special ( to me) names . . .
      Molly Rose
      Lily Frances
      Emmy May
      Willow Cho Grace
      Sage Marie

      All Wheaten Terriers!!!

      1. Grain names for some of mine:

        Then there was Ghillie the Scottish terrier named for the hunting suit.

  5. My lab is known as “Captain Morgan “
    His color matches the rums color.
    My email was my black labs AKC registration name
    Call name Zoey.

  6. Belmont

    – adopted Lab/flat coat retriever mix from the Atlanta Lab Rescue on Belmont Stakes day this year
    – a classic name for a classic dog
    – she has as much energy as this race is long

  7. We have two labs. The black is named Gladstone, from Sherlock Holmes, and the yellow is Wiggins, also a Sherlock character.

      1. My female Brittany I hunted with for 15 years was named Scout after the little girl character in the book “To Kill a Mockingbird.” My female GSP I have now is named Dixie.

        1. Hi James, we have had Freckles and Hersey bith Springer spaniels. Of course a Lady, Golden Retriever; Ginger, a pug.
          Newest edition is, Arya, an English Setter.
          Merrily Sparling
          ( my husband is descended from Sparlings who settled Cape Breton)

  8. Tlooki. It’s the name of a lake near my Trap Line and the name of the most westerly mountain in the 7 Sisters Range near Kitwanga BC nearly 800 km away… I still don’t know the 1st Nation meaning… – Terry (Well-Digger)

  9. We couldn’t change our rescued shorthair pointer pit mix, who was given the name George, which fits him well. Our girl is Charlotte (Charlie or Char most days)! Love the human names for dogs.

  10. My 5 year old Border Collie rescue reminded me of Kramer. A bit nervous, a bit intense and a very very good friend

  11. I guess we didn’t make the cut.
    Savannah – Basset Hound
    Aladdin – Gordon Setter, his mother was Jeannie.
    Pearl – Clumber Spaniel that loves to be dirty, so it is short for the Black Pearl.
    Mushu – Pekingese
    But it is ok to be different!

  12. Gatwick. Our standard poodle. And Captain Peapod our little rat terrier. Llana our golden retriever and Sabrina a yellow lab.

  13. Always liked the name Biscuit from old western movies so that’s what we named our Yorkie (male) . He has a sister so we named her Honey.

  14. Our motto is, “will travel to adopt a rescue”. We are maxed out at four hybrid dogs , Holly (F) Georgia/Alabama line, Moose (M) Florida, Porter (M) Texas and Remi (F) Indiana.
    The perfect quad!

  15. Orvis His name was Orvis Fenwick Wiley Red.
    Best dog I ever had He was a vizsla.
    A great hunter. I miss him still.

  16. My first golden’s name was Tyde, aka Meadowpond’s Welcome Waggin’. He was one water loving dog! He went on to become my heart dog.

  17. My boy Weimaraner’s name is Huck (Huckleberry Finn). He is always up for outdoor adventure. Perfect name for him. And he is the perfect dog for me.

  18. I Have two new top Favorites for you Orvis!!
    My Boy and Girl Gordon Setters, Star and Blake should be at the top!
    Single Syllables too!! Ha

  19. In order since 1971
    Lady & Rascal, black labs litter mates.
    Buck, black lab, AKC,
    Duchess, yellow lab,
    Buster, black lab,
    Taz, rescued German Shepard,
    Sequoia, rescued white lab,
    Timber, rescued black lab mix,
    Ranger, biggest black lab on the planet,
    Copper, beagle,

  20. Our previous two Dalmatians’ names were Nick and Nora Charles, after the characters from “The Thin Man.” Our current two Dalmatians are Monty (after a former weatherman on the Australian Today Show) and Lily (after Mrs. Munster). Monty’s original name (given by the breeders) was Benjamin. So his full name now is Monty Benjamin, and he sometimes goes by “Mont B.”

  21. My dogs name is Rusty
    He’s sort of Corgi
    The only thing is that if it’s wet out:
    I call him Musty and if it’s dry out I call
    Him Dusty
    The best!!!!

  22. My female black Lab’s name is “Black Betty”, Betty, for short. We both love rock and roll, and love to dance. And also, hunt pheasants!

  23. Our 100 lb. Golden Retriever boy is Rebel. Our son went to Ole Miss when we got him and that is their mascot. He definitely lives up to his name. He’s the best thing that ever happened to our family.

  24. Had a mixed spaniel named Lucky, a Skye Terrier Geordie, Dandie Dinmont Cris Cringle, two PBGV’s Chester and Woodie and a Havanese Jellybean

  25. I have two handsome devils, Whitaker and Willoughby. Rescued brothers at 6wks old, left on a set of railroad tracks in a cardboard box. They are now 7 yrs old

  26. Best aussie cattle dog-CINCH because she was found on our property and was a CINCH to train at all things–super smart
    CC for short

  27. Tara- In Hinduism and Buddhism, the goddess Tara (Sanskrit: तारा, tārā), is the second of the Dasa (ten) Mahavidyas or “Great Wisdom goddesses”, and is a form of Shakti, the tantric manifestations of the goddess. She is also the goddess of redemption. In my life there have been two. In 1968, a runt of the litter German Shepard that I adopted out of the county shelter in Seaside. She, having never been away from me freaked when I came down with pneumonia and had to stay with my folks. The second being a Treeing Walker Coonhound rescued through the Beagle Freedom Project who was terrified of the world having spent the 1st 11 months of her life in a cage in a lab in Colorado. As I said, terrified of everyone, except me, who she greeted like, well like the first one did. I am pretty sure it is the same spirit. Tara, who is a poster child for BFP (he said proudly), is the most beatiful of her breed I have ever seen. I am thankful that she found me again. True story, FYI.

  28. Our whacky, also “psycho”, gallops or runs everywhere-German Shorthaired Pointer is Shadow. Our previous GSP was a retired Military Working Dog named Haus. He was an Explosives Detection Dog. We adopted him from the Air Force. Miss him still!
    Over the years there have been, in order: Buffy/Border Collie, Kelly/Irish setter, Doc (Holliday)/Irish Setter, Brando/English Setter, Gretchen/Doberman Pinscher, Chew/Shar-Pei, Bear/Shar-Pei, Christie/Shar-Pei, Truffles/Shar-Pei, Keetna (shortened from Talkeetna, AK)/Siberian Husky, Ivy/Siberian Husky, Quincy/?mix rescued during a trip to New Mexico; left roadside in a canyon, Jake/Lhasa-mix, and Molly/Lhasa-mix. Whew! Miss them all.

  29. Our golden’s registered name is “Sweet Caroline of Fenway Park”, but we call her “Piper”. We bought her from a breeder who was a Yankees fan. She was not pleased!!

  30. My field bred English Cocker is Sadie. She’s a total sweetie.
    Over the years, I’ve had a Silver Michelob (Silver), Cheyenne Dakota (Kota) and Bittersweet Artful Dodger (Dodger). All male American cockers.

  31. Tahoe, as in the Lake
    Jackson, as in the ski town
    Frisco, as in San Fran
    Everest, enough said
    Glacier, pure white
    Dallas, enough said
    Travis, as in Lake near Austin

  32. My fox red labs name is Deets. I got the name from lonesome dove. Have to go we are playing fetch at 11 o’clock pm in the house. Lol got to luv labs

  33. I have Boy Scout, girl scout and Cub scout. I can call them in individually or all three at the same time…then I woke up and realized my wife wouldn’t let me name them that.

  34. I love reading all the names! Thanks Orvis, great dog people…
    I’ve had Clancy (golden retriever); Ceaser (lab mix 100 lbs of love); Georgie (sheppard mix); and my current dogs are all mix dogs: Huggie Bear, Gigi Girl, Basha and Mono. Family also has Rose, Cinzia, Peanut, Roxy. 4 grown children with 10 dogs in the family! I write down names for new ones to adopt off the road or from a shelter – ALWAYS a Rescue. Thanks!

  35. My three favorites from times ago…

    Trapper – named after Trappe, MD goose hunting

    Tucker – named after the Currituck Sound in NC

    Missi – short for her full registered AKC name … Mississippi River Queen

  36. Lost my best friend two years ago.His name was Xander.He was s yellow lab who was a magnificent hunter and the best friend to me and my family.I miss him more everyday that passes.

  37. Mc Duff but we called him Duffy. He was a golden retriever mix and he could never have a better dog than him! We lost him over 16 yrs ago!

  38. Ha! Two of our 5 dogs have names that made the list!
    Waldo- lemon and white Pointer
    River- brindle Great Dane
    …we also have Cisco (liver and white Pointer), Charlie (black and white Pointer), and Ripley (Fawn Great Dane). All visit the Orvis in Raleigh, NC at Triangle Town Center now and again, to stop in for pets and treats (and to help Mom pick out Yeti products). <3

  39. We have a male and a female Giant Schnauzer. Hugo is our male. Our female’s name is Ch. Walkin After Midnight, but she goes by Patsy. We had gotten Hugo as a puppy, but Patsy came to us as a four year old retiree.

  40. We named our dog Laya since we got her the year we went to the Himalayas – traveling from Tibet to Nebal by Jeep and stopped off at Everest basecamp at 19,000 ft.

    Himalaya, is a mountain range in Asia, separating the plains of the Indian subcontinent from the Tibetan Plateau. The range has many of the Earth’s highest peaks, including the highest, Mount Everest, Nepal.

  41. Our black lab was Bruno, named for the black dog in Edward Gorey’s story The Sopping Thursday. I currently have a black lab mix named Ranger (for The Lone Ranger, even though she’s a girl), and Goldie, a gold little dog who is actually named for Golda Meir, former PM of Israel. Meir means light in Hebrew.

  42. Had a 17 yr old mini pin that just passed over a month ago. Was so tiny & cute he was our little “Booger” RIP #1 BEST DOG. I & fam built, not a grave but a ‘SHRiNE/ALTAR to him. Succulent flowers/cacti; wind whirligig spin ers; a homemade cross; 3 rocks/ 2 handpainted with his name-3rd embossed name & his paw print; a hand painted ceramic time multicolored, modern graffiti style art name, dates& more. I go 3x’s a day: early am/midday & eve and talk & sing to him. The whitligigs fly when I sing HIS song. Ex essive? Not for him, he truly affects ted my life and loved me like the saying- I’d like to be the person my dog thinks I am. So I live better.. FOR BOOGER may 9 2002 to August 16, 8 40pmpst, 2019. I have a gift he left me: his daughter, 9 yrs, mini pin “Jude” Thank You God for my dogs/never forgotten/never the same The ache binds my chest & throat and tears fall daily. My son says Booger can see me & knows how I’m doing and he will always LOVE ME. My 9 yr old I’d having health problems now & diagnosed with fluid in lungs. IF I LOSE JUDE TOO My liver cancer can take over as I will lose fight Please PRAY. Please JUDE be able to live on medication/ I will give up Love your pets. Show them. Care for them.

  43. Spot. Owners were Dick and Jane of course. Previous Golden’s were Hennessy (because she was a licker/liquor), followed by Brandy for the same reason. Then there was Hot Shot.

  44. We named our German Shepherd dog Hans because our mentally challenged daughter could pronounce an “H” sound more easily than others, and because Hans is a German name!

    1. KODI — short for Kodiak, in honor of his heritage. A beautiful, white-haired, ice-blue eyed, 80-lb. boy who loved to run & swim & lay in the snow. Always by my side. My Protector. My Best Friend.

  45. MYdogsnames are Mr, Blackberry he’s a small black chahuahua-rat terrier mix and a aussie-border collie nam…ed Bellamudbucket===because she loves to play in the mud,“

  46. I have a Welsh Corgi named Maggie Mae,
    But just as easy could have named Maggie McFly, after the famous Maine female flyfisher(wo)man. Never thought of it till now.

    Maggie also goes by Magarooney, Magpie, Magooo, Maggo, Mango Woman and formally Miss Maggie Mae.

    Dogs are great!

  47. Igor Maynyak van Vrijheidsberg, Igor for short, 58 lb X 90 horsepower Black and White Siberian Husky. The greatest wooly bugger you could have in your house and heart. 29 years with three Huskies.

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