20 Amazing Facts That Prove You Need A Dog In Your Life

If you’re reading this blog, you probably already have a dog in your life, but this list, from distractify.com, is a great reminder of just how incredible dogs are and how many ways they help us in life. Here are just a couple of the reasons listed.

2. They can detect cancer.
Due to their incredible sense of smell, dogs have shown anywhere from 70 to 99% accuracy (depending on the study) when tasked with detecting lung cancer in a nearby patient.

3. They reduce work stress.
The International Journal of Workplace Health Management has discovered that workers who bring their dog to their office have less stress and are happier with their job, simply because the dog is hanging around.

We’ve discussed nearly all of these items at different points on the Dogs blog, but it’s remarkable to see them all listed in one place. It’s no mystery why we love and respect dogs so much.

Click here for the full list. (Link provided by Laurie Bruchman)

One thought on “20 Amazing Facts That Prove You Need A Dog In Your Life”

  1. Right now, I am trying to convince my husband to let us get a dog, because I have always wanted one. If he could just understand that having one would make our lives so much better, then I think that he would be more on board. I especially think that he would be very much attracted to the idea if he could understand how it would reduce his work stress. However, I doubt that his work would let him take one to the office with him, but I think that the stress could be reduced when he comes home, though. https://clubk9.com/services.html

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