263 Dogs Rescued from Florida Animal Hoarder

In one of the larger animal-hoarding cases in recent memory, last week police raided a private home in Sarasota County, Florida, and rescued 263 dogs kept there. Although the police are calling this a case of “neglect,” rather than “abuse,” based on the fact that the animals were not actually starving, it sure seems like abuse to us. The dogs were kept in small crates or cages, not properly groomed, and clearly many of them have not been properly socialized:

“Their fur all matted down, laying in their own waste. They’re not meant to be living inside metal cages like chickens,” says Lt. Scott Ortner, the director of Sarasota Animal Services.

Yet the owner, who voluntarily surrendered the animals, was not arrested. Huh.

Sarasota Animal Services is looking for foster families willing to help with this case.

Here’s another report on the story:

Does this look like abuse to you?

photo via NBC-2.com

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