5 Dozen Dogs Surrendered from “Rescue” Facility in Indiana

Adopt A Lab signed a voluntary surrender agreement with the city.

photo via IndyStar.com

A pet rescue organization called “Adopt a Lab” signed a voluntary surrender agreement after authorities showed up to investigate complaints Thursday. 63 dogs who had been living in unfit conditions were seized.

It wasn’t the first time this organization has been in trouble. In 2010, the city shelter raided the facility, removing 30 dogs that were being kept in unfit conditions (including 21 hours a day in crates without access to food or water).

This is just one of many stories that uncovers the problems we have regulating animal rescue organizations. To be clear, the vast majority of rescue organizations are wonderful and effective. However, some people with the best intentions rescue animals from the local pound or high-kill shelter, only to end up sentencing them to a life of misery when they prove too much for the space and resources available.

Why the organization in this case was allowed to begin operating once again after 2010 is truly baffling. As a pet parent to rescues from a case like this, my heart goes out to these dogs. I hope the publicity helps them find good forever homes.Read the full story here.

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