5 Poisonous Plants That Can Ruin Your Dog’s Holiday Season

Photo by Jill, Oconomowoc

It’s easy to get carried away at Christmastime because there’s so much to do, but we do have to keep tabs on our dogs. An article on dogster today notes that several plants that make up traditional Christmas decorations are, in fact, toxic to dogs.

1. Poinsettia: This red-leafed plant doesn’t actually live up to all the hype — it’s actually only mildly toxic. However, even mild toxicity can be fatal when combined with other conditions. Better safe than sorry.
2. Mistletoe: While the mistletoe may be a symbol of merry-making, it’s toxic if swallowed — but not as toxic as once believed. Again — better safe than sorry!

What are the holiday dangers you’d add to the list?

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Photo via dogster.com

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