6 Things We Learned from Figo the Hero Dog

Audrey Stone gives her guide dog Figo a hug outside her village of Brewster home Oct. 27, 2015.
Photo by Frank Becerra Jr./The Journal News

Last June, we posted the incredible story of Figo the guide dog, who literally threw himself in front of a bus to save his owner. Later, we told you about their emotional reunion months later. A great story in The Journal News recaps the wonderful story and offers six lessons that we can take away from Figo’s brave act. Here’s an example:

3: “The human-dog bond is powerful”
Andrew Rubinstein, of The Guide Dog Foundation, said Figo reinforced a lesson he had learned long ago: “The human-dog bond is powerful.”

“Someone who is blind or has low vision counts on their guide dog to help them with their everyday needs: traveling to the mailbox, traveling to the store or anything like that. The fact that Figo and Audrey were hit by a bus and Figo still didn’t want to leave her side just shows that bond and the love between the two of them.”

“Recovery is still taking place, but the fact that Audrey and Figo are together today and have their health and hopefully their happiness just speaks volumes. You could see how excited they were to be reunited.”

It’s a fun read and a great reminder that dogs do incredible things every day.

Click here for the full story.

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