60 Dogs Rescued from Hog-Dog Fighting Ring in Alabama

The rescued dogs were emaciated and suffering from a variety of health issues.
Photo courtesy HSUS

Yesterday, the Cottonwood, Alabama Police Department raided a property where some 60 poorly treated, emaciated dogs—mostly Dogo Argentos, but also two French Bulldogs and a German Shepherd Dog—were being housed. Members of the Humane Society aided in the rescue, and representatives believe that the dogs were being used for hog-dog fighting, which is something I’ve never even heard of:

The dogo argentino breed can be associated with the underground activity of hog-dog fighting, where packs of dogs are pitted against large hogs while spectators place wagers, according to the Humane Society of the United States.

According to the story on AL.com, the owners of the property face animal cruelty and felony drug-related charges. The rescued dogs have been taken to a temporary shelter, where they will be evaluated and receive veterinary care.

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