6th Grader Honors His Dog By Lobbying for Safer Antifreeze

A Kansas boy who lost his beloved dog when it drank antifreeze has launched a movement to convince the state legislature to prevent future such tragedies. Twelve-year-old Aaron Coash’s dog, Nikko, was his best friend and constant companion for six years. But last month, Nikko, a Shiba Inu, ingested some antifreeze and was dead within a week. Now Aaron is trying to get Kansas to join the 17 other states that have laws regulating the ingredients of antifreeze.

Aaron and Nikko in happier times.

photo courtesy Aaron Coash

Many antifreeze brands contain Ethylene glycol, which gives the liquid an alluring odor and sweet taste that dogs can’t seem to resist. According to the Humane Society, “It only takes a few tablespoons of highly toxic antifreeze to seriously jeopardize an animal’s life.” Adding a bittering agent to the mixture will keep dogs from drinking the liquid, thus saving many dogs from a slow, painful death.

Visit Aaron’s website and sign his petition make Kansas the next state to protect dogs from this poison. And then to check to see if your own state needs a similar law.

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