8,028,000 Minutes of Love, Friendship, and Loyalty

Here is a beautiful tribute to a beloved rescue dog in which the owner counts the minutes spent together over a long life, pulling out several important moments along the way:

Minute 5,322,240 – Max is born: July 31, 2008 Dr. Mathews told me when we change Max’s clothes to bring a shirt with his smell on it home for you to sniff. Mommy and I were very concerned about how you would react to a new person in the house. I brought a shirt home and you followed me upstairs into Max’s room. I laid it on the floor and told you he was going to be in this room. I’ll never forget what you did next….. after you sniffed the shirt you picked it up with your mouth and carried the shirt to YOUR bed and laid your head on it. That to this day and forever will be one of the sweetest things I ever saw you do!

Dividing a life together into minutes is a wonderful way to combine the everydayness of dog ownership with those moments that were truly remarkable. Charlie was clearly a wonderful pet, friend, and protector for more than thirteen years. He served as a therapy dog, part of a wedding party, and more.

It’s certainly sad that Charlie’s life had to end, but looking at all those minutes lets us know that his was a life full of love.

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One thought on “8,028,000 Minutes of Love, Friendship, and Loyalty”

  1. Hi Phil,
    I am Charlie’s owner. My name is Hilly Blondheim. I am the one who wrote 8,028,000 minutes.
    Thank you for posting this for others to see. Charlie was the best!!!

    Thank you

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