9 Things You Should Know About Fostering a Dog

Samantha Okazaki falling in love with my third foster dog, Paulie Bleeker Jr. Just look at that face!
Photo by Hilary benas, via today.com

Fostering a dog from a shelter is one of the more rewarding things a dog-lover can do, but as Samantha Okazaki writes, it’s important that you go into the situation with eyes wide open. Even the cutest shelter dog can have “issues” that make your life a little more difficult. Okazaki offers 9 things that she has learned as a foster, in hopes that they will help others have a successful experience:

1. All shelter dogs have their quirks — and some of them will keep you up at night!

From separation anxiety to an irrational fear of strollers, there’s really no guarantee what kind of antics your pet will come with. . . .

6. Yes, saying goodbye is just as hard as you think it will be.

This is probably the No. 1 thing I get asked about as a foster, and the reality is that it sucks. Sure, it is extremely gratifying to know that your foster dog has found a loving family that he or she will have forever, but the feeling is definitely bittersweet.. . .

So if you’ve ever thought of bringing another dog into your home temporarily, make sure you know what you’re getting into. For those of you who do or have fostered, are there any other tips you can think of?

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