A Tale of Tragedy and Hope

Elicia Calhoun and Tobie, who was missing after the accident.

photo via petsweekly.com

An amazing story on the Pets Weekly website describes the highs and lows for dog-agility trainer Elicia Calhoun after a horrible car accident in the Arizona desert last week. Calhoun had been traveling with her six dogs, and despite her injuries, all she could think about was the safety of her beloved pets:

Her 13-week-old Kelpi puppy Tsunami, who had been in a crate that was secured in the front seat, 12 ½-year-old Iceman, 9-year-old Breesea (both Border Collies), 12 month old Destiny, 9 ½ year old Nika (Aussies) and 3-year-old Tobie (Breesea’s daughter, a Border Collie) who had been riding loose in the back seat were thrown from the vehicle on impact and she didn’t know where they were.

The story of how people came together to help Calhoun—first, the passersby who stopped to help at the scene, and then a huge Facebook community who responded to calls for further assistance—shows how tight-knit dog-lovers are when they know animals are in trouble. This story, beautifully written by Deborah Davidson Harpur, is well worth your time. There’s lots of sadness, but there is so much that’s positive to take away from it.

Click here to read the entire story.

Calhoun with Nikita, who was killed in the crash.

photo via petsweekly.com

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