After being abused and left on the streets, Lucy needs a real home

Lucy 2

Lucy’s face may be damaged, but she has not lost her sweetness. Folks
at the shelter where she lives says she’s always up for a belly rub.

photo via Stray from the Heart

Take a look at that face. Lucy was found wandering the streets of Bogota, Colombia, before she was rescued and spent six months in a foster home. Her previous owner had beaten her so badly, that her jaw and nose were broken. When they healed, she was left with this Phantom of the Opera-like visage that cannot be fixed without re-breaking all the bones. Some of her teeth were also pulled out to keep her from fighting with the many male dogs who mated with her whenever she was in heat. Somehow, thankfully, she got away.

Lucy was eventually brought to the U.S., and she now lives at the Stray from the Heart shelter in New York City. When the organization put Lucy’s photos and stories on Facebook, the response was overwhelming:

Thank you to everyone who has offered to help Lucy. We have been inundated with inquiries and ask for time while we sort through applications, phone calls, etc. We have temporarily removed her profle to allow us this time, we hope you understand and ask for your patience. It’s been quite overwhelming the amount of love pouring out for this girl. We will certainly keep you abreast of her situation.

However, as of today, Lucy has not been adopted. She still has seven weeks of rehab to undergo before she can leave the shelter, and the organization is still taking applications. Let’s hope that Lucy’s long nightmare will soon be over and that she finds the forever home she deserves. Look at that face again; is that a face you could love? For more information, visit Lucy’s Facebook page.

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