Petey’s Incredible Journey and Return

Written by: Phil Monahan

A story of a dog traveling long distances is nothing new, but this one has an added poignancy and highlights the benefits of implanting an identifying microchip in a beloved pet. Petey disappeared from his home in Tennessee on July 28, and his owners, septuagenarians Juanita and Jim Arrighi, were distraught. They hung posters, scoured the neighborhood, and did everything else they could think of to find the Jack Russell terrier, all to no avail. Then, sadly, Juanita passed away on October 12, leaving her husband bereft.

Then, earlier this week, Petey showed up in a family’s backyard in Rochester Hills. That’s in Michigan, nearly 600 miles from the dog’s home. No one knew how he got there or who his owner was, but when Petey was brought to the Michigan Humane Society, they scanned him for a microchip that contained all his important information. Now Petey’s on his way home to be reunited with Jim Arrighi, who believes that his late wife is the angel who helped Petey come home.

Petey the Dog

Petey the wandering dog in Michigan, awaiting his 600-mile journey home.

photo courtesy Michigan Humane Society

When the Michigan Humane Society put out a call to help get Petey back to Tennessee, some 76 people volunteered to make the trek—a testament to the kindness of dog lovers.

Read the rest of this incredible story and learn more about identifying microchips for pets in today’s Detroit Free Press.

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