After 2 Months in the Desert, Dog Returns to Grieving Family

Dooley’s return has brought comfort to the Bagley family.

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Two months ago, a horrible car accident on I-80 in Nevada took the life of Barbara Bagley’s husband and one of her dogs. Bagley herself suffered grave injuries, as well. Her other dog, a Sheltie named Dooley, disappeared after the crash and was nowhere to be found. Bagley, her family, and friends searched high and low and distributed fliers throughout the area.

“You want a family member back, and that’s what Dooley is,” said Kurt Bagley, Barbara’s son. “At what length would you go to help a family member out and bring them home?”

Miraculously, 53 days after he wandered into the desert near Battle Mountain, Nevada, Dooley was caught by a good Samaritan who had seen the fliers around town. When Bagley received the call, she was elated.

“He [Dooley] gives me hope,” she said, “his survival, and just the protection he was given while he was out there.”

She believes that her late husband helped Dooley to return home, and the presence of her beloved pet is a big help as the family grieves. It’s a touching story in the midst of tragedy, somewhat similar to the case of Barney, the dog who disappeared after a hit-and-run accident killed his owner and who was then rescued by a kayaker.

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