Announcing the Orvis Cover Dog Winners

We are thrilled to announce the winners of the most recent round of the Orvis Cover Dog Contest. To date, we’ve received more than 60,000 photos, and have raised more than $700,000 for canine cancer research and the Morris Animal Foundation. Our current contest is scheduled to end March 31st – click here to enter, and check out the amazing winning photographs below.

Finley – Golden Retriever

Owner: Austin M. of Odenton, MD

Seppi – Spinone Italiano

Owner: Darlene B. of Oregon City, OR

Oatmeal – Golden Retriever

Owner: Kayla B. of Columbia, SC

Griffin – English Springer Spaniel

Owner: Mark S. of Richmond, VA

Emma – English Setter

Owner: Tiffany B. of Port Matilda, PA

Cara – Gordon Setter

Owner: Wayne S. of Leeds, UK

Duke – Jack Russell Terrier

Owner: Jill L. of Wahiawa, HI

Houser – Chocolate Lab

Owner: Jason S. of Santa Rosa Beach, FL

Jessie – Working Cocker Spaniel

Owner: Jodie L. of Stockbridge, UK

Zoom – Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

Owner: Sally H. of Caldwell, TX

Lady (with Leo the kitten) – Black Mouthed Curr

Owner: Lauren B. of Ocala, FL

Kora – Rottweiler/Pit Bull Mix

Owner: Laura P. of Dillsburg, PA

Freddie – Springer Spaniel

Owner: Diane H. of Southampton, UK

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  1. I had a Springer Spaniel when I was a young
    child. He was the best friend I ever. And he was
    a great Therapist.

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