Another Dog Helps a Family in Their Time of Grief

Lady Bug, a 12-year-old Australian shepherd now lives in North Carolina, with the sons of her late owner.

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Last week, we posted about Dooley, a Sheltie who survived a crash that killed one of her owners and then went missing for two months in the Nevada desert. Dooley was eventual returned to her family, who took great comfort in the dog, even while they mourned the loss of a loved one. And back in January, we wrote about Barney, whose owner had died in a hit-and-run that also injured the dog.

Incredibly, a third such story unfolded recently in North Dakota. After a February 6 accident on Interstate 90 in southwestern South Dakota killed Bobby Allgood, Sr., his 12-year-old Australian shepherd, Ladybug, ran away. She continued to return to the crash site for nine days, obviously looking for her owner, but no one could catch her. Finally, a Rapid City woman and her son—who had read about Ladybug in the local media—were able to get Ladybug into their car, and they delivered her to local authorities, who contact Mr. Allgood’s family.

On Monday, Mr. Allgood’s three sons arrived in Kadoka, South Dakota, for a reunion with their father’s dog.

“She looks real good. It’s taken a weight off my heart,” Lester Allgood said after seeing the dog that has captured hearts and media attention from western South Dakota to North Carolina. . . .
“Getting her back fills a big void for us. It helps fill that void anyway,” Troy Allgood said.

Click here to read the whole story in the Rapid City Journal.

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