Baltimore Humane Society Honors Dog-Loving Police Officer

Officer Dan Waskiewicz responded to a call about a “vicious dog” with an open mind,
rather than a predisposition to treat the dog harshly. As you can see, he was right.

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A couple weeks ago, we posted about the exemplary way that Baltimore police officer Dan Waskiewicz responded to a call about a vicious dog. Instead of assuming that he was dealing with a dangerous animal, Officer Waskiewicz trusted his observation that the dog was, in fact, being harassed and was quite thirsty. He later adopted the dog, whom he calls “Bo.”

Last week, Waskiewicz was honored by the Baltimore Humane Society:

“Because of Officer Waskiewicz’s astute response, he saved the life of an innocent animal and avoided what could have been a situation with a tragic ending,” Baltimore Humane Society Executive Director Jen Swanson said. “The Baltimore Humane Society would like to acknowledge and award this wonderful police officer for his compassionate service.”

We applaud Officer Waskiewicz’s actions and hope his approach serves as a model for police actions in the future.

Click here for the full story and a video report.

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