Blind Pug and Her Guide Dog Seek a Home

Franky (left) is a devoted friend and serves as Elly’s eyes.

photo via the Daily Mail

A couple months ago, we brought you the story of Lily, a blind Great Dane, and her friend and guide dog, Madison. Now, here’s a similar story, but in miniature. Whereas Lily and Madison were massive animals, Elly and Franky are diminutive pugs, currently living in a shelter in Newport, South Wales. The two four-year-olds were found in poor conditions and nursed back to health by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA).

As with Lily and Madison, Franky and Elly need to be rehomed as a pair, which makes placement more difficult. The fact that they are not enormous Great Danes should make it somewhat easier, however.

Mrs Buchan added: ‘There’s absolutely no option of homing them separately as it would break their hearts and also be wholly impractical.
‘They’re great little dogs and I’m already jealous of the lucky owner who will get to care for such a loving pair.’

Read the whole story and see more pictures of this adorable pair on the Daily Mail website.

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