Hero Dog Saves Owner from Cougar Attack

Angie Prime and her 11-year-old border collie, Vicious, who leaped into action to
drive off a cougar that was attacking Prime in her home.

photo via ifpress.com

On Saturday evening, Angie Prime was just sitting on her couch in her home in Trail, British Columbia, when she noticed something move out of the corner of her eye. In a flash, she realized it was an adult cougar, which pounced on Prime before she could do anything but raise her arms and legs as a defense. Luckily for her, her border collie was there. Living up to her name, Vicious flew at the big cat and chased it out of the house, saving Prime, as well as the two 14-week-old puppies with her.

Prime received three puncture wounds on her thigh, but without the intervention of Vicious, she probably could not have held off the cougar. The animal was tracked down by conservation officers, who killed it on Monday morning. They said that the cat was old and emaciated and probably attacked out of starvation. It didn’t count on the bravery of a much smaller dog.

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