Show this Post to your Boss: Dogs Make Employees More Productive At Work

As we wrote about in a  a previous post, Orvis is a pretty dog-friendly work environment. On any given day you’ll see three or four dogs playing together during lunch, swimming in our casting pond or running trhough training sessions with their owners.

Dogs Training on the lawn  at Orvis HQ

This article from Business Insider says that companies should be more dog friendly as a way to become more productive.

Having pooches underfoot might seem to some like a distraction, but advocates of animals in the workplace see quite the opposite. Dogs in the office foster friendlier, more collaborative work environments. At G5, this includes dogs posing as mascots for the company’s various divisions. “Everyone rallies around the dogs,” Hobin says. 

Employees surrounded by dogs also have a tendency to rally around their jobs. According to a survey of 50 small and large companies by the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association in 2008, companies that allow pets in the workplace see a lower rate of employee absenteeism and more willingness to work longer hours. 

“There are a lot of people who know they have to spend extra hours at work, particularly in this economic climate,” says Debrah Schnackenberg, vice president of emergency services for the American Humane Association. “People feel comfortable spending that extra hour or two at the office when they know their dog is right there with them.” 


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Thanks to the always great blog City Dog/ Country Dog for sniffing this one out.

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