Check Out This Great Live Cam: Holly’s Half Dozen!

Mollys Half Dozen

A great live cam from Dog Bless You allows everyone to watch Molly’s puppies grow and play.

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Do you ever feel a little down in the dumps? Or perhaps you just need an emotional pick-me-up after a tough day at the office. Well, the Dog Bless You Service Puppy Cam just might be the medicine for what ails you.

This live cam allows anyone to watch Holly and her six golden-retriever puppies in their special enclosure in Brookeville, Maryland. Aside from the wonders of their sheer cuteness, it’s also heartwarming to know that these puppies will grow up to lead valuable, productive lives as service dogs. Read their story, and then click the link below to see what these little ones are up to. As I type this, it seems to be nap time, but I’m sure they’ll be up soon.

Meet Holly’s Half Dozen. These six Golden Retriever pups were born on June 24th and have already begun very important work — helping to heal the invisible wounds of our Nation’s Combat Veterans. Recovering Service Members at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and the National Intrepid Center of Excellence in Bethesda, MD are engaged in the critical task of socializing the pups through puppy petting. The litter of five girls and one boy will spend the next two years lifting the spirits of Wounded Warriors and giving them a therapeutic and purposeful mission. By volunteering to train the pups through the Warrior Canine Connection program, these Warriors will both address their symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress and prepare the pups for future lives as service dogs for their disabled comrades.

Click here to watch the puppies!.

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