Chinese Activists Rescue 150 Dogs Bound for Slaughter

A volunteer feeds one of the dogs rescued from slaughter last December in a stand-off
between animal rights activists and dog-meat sellers in central China.

photo by Frank Langfitt via

Here’s a remarkable NPR story that discusses the growth of the dog-lover community in China, a country not known for its human treatment of animals. The broadcast tells the story of how a group of 150 activists rescued a truckload of dogs destined for slaughter. It’s incredible how one woman’s phone call generated such an immediate and effective response:

Within several hours, about 150 activists had surrounded the flatbed truck, demanding the animals’ release. As negotiations dragged into the night, they used baby bottles to feed the dogs water and petted them through the rusting, wire-mesh.

“We’re going home, don’t be afraid,” said Gao Jin, one of the protesters, as she tried to comfort a sad-looking mutt.

Eventually, the activists pooled nearly $8,000 and bought the dogs’ freedom.

The debate over eating dogs is growing more public in China, but there’s a long way to go before the barbaric practice is made illegal. Plus, there is little financial support for dog rescuers and shelters.

You can listen to the story here.

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