A Christmas Miracle: A Blind Dog Comes Home

The Grapengeter children and their blind dog Abby, who was found after being lost for a week.

photo courtesy Fairbanks News-Miner

A heartwarming story from the Alaskan interior shows how a community can come together when a dog and her family are in need. Abby, an 8-year old blind rescue dog, disappeared during a snowstorm on December 13th, and the Grapengeter family feared the worst:

The family searched and searched the neighborhood, but as hours turned to days and temperatures plummeted to a frigid 40 below zero, Grapengeter wasn’t so sure they’d find the short-haired brown-and-white mixed breed dog who began bumping into household fixtures a few years ago when she went blind

But then on Sunday, McKenzie Grapengeter received a call that Abby had been found alive, more than 10 miles away. The story of how she was eventually brought inside and reunited with the Grapengeters shows the strength of the Fairbanks community, offering the family the greatest Christmas gift they could hope for.

Click here for the full story.

Click here for an NPR report about Abby.

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