Guess Tufi’s Breed and Win an Orvis Memory-Foam Dog Bed!

Tufi 1

Can you tell what kind of dog Tufi is? (Besides a cute one, obviously.)

photo courtesy Morgan, New York

This is Tufi, who belongs to a friend in New York City. She’s not a breed you see every day, I assure you. Can you guess what breed she is?

If so, put your answer in the comments below. A winner will be chosen at random, from all the comments (right or wrong), and will receive an Orvis Faux-Fur Wraparound Dog Bed with Memory Foam for their favorite pup. We’ll post the correct answer next week!

Note: This contest has ended. To see the answer and winners click here.

Tufi 2

Put your answer in a comment below for a chance to win.
You don’t even have to be right!

photo courtesy Morgan, New York

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