Great advice about older dog health from a veterinarian

Orvis Cover Dog Contest - Honey

As dogs age, their eating habits, dietary needs, and behavior change. To best serve an older pet, such as Honey, owners must be prepared to deal with these changes.

photo by Kristi, Shrewsbury

[Editor’s Note: Our story about Bear Dog reminded me of this excellent advice column on older dogs from a couple years ago. There’s some great information here.]

In today’s Seattle Times, veterinarian Dr. Karen Weeks answers a bunch of questions about the health of older dogs. In the column, she addresses issues of diet, changes in behavior and quality of life in pets that are advanced in age. This is great information if you currently have an older dog, and it’s good to know for those of us whose pets might not be there yet, but will be someday. Plus, there are links at the bottom of this column to previous installments, which cover canine health throughout a dog’s life, a good resource.

One thought on “Great advice about older dog health from a veterinarian”

  1. The toughest thing when you have an old dog is the fear of its passing away. Though unavoidable i find it hard to accept that such loving animals have to leave us and has a short time span. The preperation for its old age should come with the right diet, good exercise and most of all, A lot of time . Our pets need us most during its last few years. It requires attention and love. thats the least we can give!

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