The Danger of Snakebites


A bite from a rattlesnake can be deadly, especially for small dogs, and there’s no
medical “magic bullet” that a veterinarian can administer.

photo by Philip Kahn via Wikipedia

Today, on the New York Times Health blog, Nancy Harbert offers a harrowing tale of the day her dog, Betsy, was bitten by a rattlesnake while on a hike in New Mexico’s Sandia Mountains.

Betsy hadn’t complained, but a couple of miles later, I noticed a few droplets of blood on her muzzle. When I looked closer, I saw the telltale fang marks — about one inch apart on the right side of her snout. She had been bitten. 
My first thought, more like a desperate wish, was that most snake bites carry no venom. Hopefully that would be our luck today.

It’s a good read and offers some advice about what to do should your dog encounter a dangerous reptile.

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