Romeo the Dog and Juliet the Duck: a Doomed Friendship

Romeo the dog with Juliet the duckling: it was fun while it lasted!

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Some things are just not meant to be. When Heather Loughlin rescued a near-death duckling from a farm in New Zealand, she found the bird quickly struck up a friendship with her boxer Romeo. Of course, the duckling was then dubbed Juliet. The names of the famously-doomed pair should have portended the friendship’s fate.

Soon, Juliet started to become a territorial “sloppy teenager.” Then, Loughlin noticed a touch of green and realized this was no Juliet. Juliet is now Julius. He is “almost the size of a goose,” and he has a temper. Now instead of cuddling up to sweet Romeo, Julius is more likely to run right into him.

Loughlin is returning the fully-rehabilitated duck to the farm he was rescued from. No, we don’t understand why he’s being returned to the place from which he came either, but Loughlin insists “there’s ponds there and there’s other semi-rehabilitated ducks.” We sure hope they take good care of Julius there – he may be a slightly nasty fellow, but his early days with a dog named Romeo show he’s also pretty remarkable. Read the full story here.

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