Expensive Taste: Dog Eats $1000 in Cash in Orlando

A very expensive, and very gross, jigsaw puzzle.

Credit: WKMG Orlando

A couple in Florida returned home to find their dog, a Labrador, chow, bulldog mix had eaten a thousand dollars in cash. Some quick thinking by the owners, and what is probably one of their grossest afternoons ever, enabled them to recover $900!

“My mother-in-law and our best friend were here and we were speechless. But they just laughed the whole evening and they helped us retrieve $900,” Lawrenson said.

Tuity managed to eat too many serial numbers on the last one-hundred dollar bill. The couple sent it to the Department of Treasury with a letter explaining what happened in hopes of being reimbursed for the rest.  

“I didn’t really see that one coming and I guarantee we’ll keep money away from now on,” Lawrenson added"

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What’s the most expensive damage your dog has done?

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